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Physicians have been singing the praises of protein supplements for strength and endurance athletes. Their benefits are manifold: they can help to repair damaged muscles more rapidly and allow the tissue to rebuild bigger and stronger. Recently, scientists have been looking into the unique benefits of these supplements for non-athletes, women, and people over the age of 40 as well. One of the most recent points of interest on the topic, though, is whether or not protein powder can add to a person’s life expectancy – and if so, how?

It’s often recommended that, starting from the middle-age years, people begin consuming protein powder on a daily basis whether they train athletically or not. In simple truth, the supplement gives a person healthier, more comfortable years after 40 to look forward to. In nourishing the muscles, the bones are provided with better support and cushioning which could reduce the risk of bone loss as well as take impact off of the joints and ease the general aches and pains of aging. It also makes it easier for an older person to remain active.

However, in a recent study, a researcher named Enzo Nisoli gave “middle-aged” mice an amino acid solution, which contained leucine, isoleucine and valine – the “branched-chain amino acids”, found in high concentration in all natural whey protein. The solution he administered was intended to mimic a protein supplement. The mice who received the supplement lived, on average, 80 days longer than an average mouse’s lifespan. In terms of the average human lifespan, this would translate into an extra ten years.

Even if you aren’t buying the lengthened lifespan argument, there are also solid facts to prove that a dose of protein powder per day increases muscle strength, balance, coordination, and endurance – all at no cost; there are no side-effects to taking protein supplements. Therefore, any middle-aged and older person who sprinkles a bit of the powder into his or her oatmeal, or drinks a protein shake, on a daily basis could reap the benefits of being able to lead a more active lifestyle and generally seeing the negative signs of aging more slowly.

Anyone who is beginning to see and feel the signs of aging – whether it be visible muscle loss, achy bones, or anything in-between, can truly benefit from doing some research to find the best protein powder for them. The fact that it increases an older person’s ability to “get up and go” is reason enough, but if you start today, you could just be adding more years onto the end of your life as well.


No matter how you choose to go about it, the decision to begin the road to recovery from heroin dependency is a courageous and commendable one. Some choose to admit themselves into a detoxification clinic, while others choose to detox in their own homes.

It’s understandable why a person would want to go through detox in his or her own home. Some people feel too anxious to want to be in the company of people they don’t know, but it’s also comfortable and you can be alone or surrounded by the people of your choosing. Every situation is different, and every patient has a different way of being successful in their recovery. However, it’s important to know the possible risks of attempting to detox on one’s own.


Simply stated – many drug users aren’t fully aware of the implications of what they are about to experience. Attending a clinic can help them to be more prepared for the process so that it’s less intimidating and easier to manage.

Health Complications

Heroin detox is a complicated process in terms of the body. Once a dependency is formed, it’s difficult to break; the cravings that a person in withdrawal will face are not only highly uncomfortable, but they can also be dangerous. The symptoms of withdrawal, especially out of the hands of proper care, could cause serious health complications. In a detox centre, patients will have consistent access to professional medical attention and supervision, while in a home environment, access to medical advice is more difficult to access.

Psychological Complications

There are psychological symptoms from withdrawal that many people do not consider prior to going through detox. Whether it’s insomnia, rage, depression, or anything in between, the psychological effects can be dangerous both to the patient and to anyone around. Medical professionals are trained on how to best deal with these situations, bringing the individual back to a healthy state of mind and avoiding harm.

Success Rate

Studies show that the success rate of those who try to detox at home is at only about 10% or less. The success rate for detoxing in a professional detoxification or rehabilitation centre are much, much higher due to the isolation from the substance, the medical assistance, the aftercare, and the encouraged attendance of support groups.

Attending a detoxification centre means a patient will get to reap the benefits of medical supervision and 24/7 access to immediate emergency assistance; trained, experienced, and confident personnel; expert knowledge and support; easier management of withdrawal symptoms; and the peace of mind of attending a programme that is proven to work. Again – every patient is different, but admitting oneself to a renowned detox clinic has enormous benefits.


Gastric bypass surgery is often a last resort effort to shed weight when traditional means aren’t enough. The “Roux-en-Y” gastric bypass accounts for almost 80 percent of all the weight loss surgeries in the nation.

Gastric bypass is typically used for patients who have failed to lose weight from diet and exercise alone or who have serious health problems due to obesity. During the procedure, a small stomach pouch is created and the larger parts of the stomach, as well as the duodenum, are bypassed so that food does not reach those parts. This results in a drastic reduction in the amount of calories absorbed by the body and the shrinking of the stomach helps to limit food intake, as the patient feels full more quickly.

How Effective Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

After the procedure, weight loss is often dramatic and most patients lose about 60 percent of their extra mass. Gastric bypass can also help with many health problems and patients have noticed a marked improvement or even the disappearance of health conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes.

While gastric bypass can be very helpful as a weight loss procedure, patients need to make a lifestyle change for optimal health and wellbeing. Exercise is quintessential in weight management and patients also need to adapt to smaller meal plans. As calorie absorption is reduced, so is nutrient absorption, so it is vital to take supplements to maintain the appropriate levels in the body.

Some Well-Known Celebrities with Successful Gastric Bypass Surgery

Al Roker

Al Roker is a popular NBC Today Show anchor who is well known for his audience interviews and weather reports. He battled obesity for a long time and in 2002, decided to undergo a gastric bypass. Since then, he has lost more than 100 pounds; today, Roker is fitter than ever and even ran the New York Marathon.

Anne Rice

A popular writer of fiction and Christian literature, Anne Rice went through gastric bypass in 2003 after years of being obese. She was also suffering from type I diabetes and sleep apnea due to her excessive weight. Post-surgery, she was able to lose 103 lbs. and has kept her weight off to this day.

Roseanne Barr

The outspoken celebrity had a gastric bypass procedure in 1998. She was able to lose about 80 lbs. post-surgery.

Randy Jackson

American Idol judge Randy Jackson also had a gastric bypass procedure in 2003. He was 355 pounds and suffered from type 2 diabetes at the time. After the surgery, he was able to lose about 110 pounds.

Gastric bypass surgery can be a very effective weight loss procedure that can curb obesity and help fight related diseases. By committing themselves to the necessary diet and exercise requirements after the surgery, patients can live healthier, more complete lives.



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At-home elder care is an excellent alternative to a traditional nursing home or assisted living facility. Many older individuals have the ability to care for themselves for the most part, but may occasionally need assistance. Rather than being taken out of their homes when they are still generally capable, many seniors are opting to stay at home as long as possible—rather than in a facility.

Family members of an elder individual may notice that he or she is forgetting to pay bills, take medicine, or eat three meals a day. They might be struggling with forgetfulness, a lack of energy, or a physical inability to perform certain tasks. At-home elder care seeks to assist clients with tasks they commonly struggle with, including:

• Dressing, Bathing, & Grooming Assistance

• Assistance with Walking

• Shopping and Errands

• Meal Preparation

• Housekeeping

• Medication Reminders

The level of care provided depends on the ability of the client to care for him or herself. Some people need assistance bathing or getting up and down the stairs, while others simply need help with more strenuous tasks like walking the dog and carrying heavy groceries.

In Some Cases, Elder Care is Temporary

In some cases, at-home elder care can be a temporary situation. For instance, those who have recently had surgery can benefit from a faster and more comfortable recovery time when they recuperate at home rather than in a hospital or rehab setting. In some cases, patients are given little choice, since insurance companies often limit the length of hospital stays to the bare minimum to cut costs. Having someone to help out in the home—and with whatever personal care they may need—can help ensure that patients mend more quickly and without fear of mishap or injury.

Better Quality of Life

Overall, the quality of a person’s life also improves with at-home elder care, since seniors are more able to control their environment. Conversely, being in a nursing home environment can often be uncomfortable and disconcerting. Residents have little space to themselves and worse, they are unfamiliar with everything, making the place seem especially alien. Home environments offer familiar comforts at every turn, from the room your mom has slept in for 40+ years to the bathroom down the hall that she can find in the dark.

A provider of elder care in New Jersey can ensure a senior is able to stay healthy, safe, and comfortable in his or her own home for as long as possible. Remaining in their own homes—rather than in a facility—can help seniors concentrate on the things that make them happy, such as family, friends, pets, gardening, reading, eating, and basically just living life!



Loyal corporate employees spend a great deal of time at work, and the majority of waking hours during the week are used preparing, commuting, and actually working. Consequently, many employees do not always have time to prepare meals before or after the job and rely on fast food or casual dining restaurants. Corporate wellness programs offer a remedy for health issues arising from such a lifestyle, and present multiple advantages for both the employer and employees. Additionally, such programs promote a more productive work atmosphere in the year to come by encouraging employees to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions pertaining to health and overall wellness.

Employers who invest in their employees’ health often make more money; after all, healthy people are less likely to rely heavily on their health insurance, less likely to get sick and call out all the time, and more likely to show up to work with the energy to get things done. By providing incentives, health insurance, educational materials, and maybe some healthy snacks in the vending machine, companies can ensure that their employees are more productive and their processes less prone to interruption.

Education is especially important because it will help employees better understand their own roles in keeping themselves healthy. For instance, they can learn the value of a wholesome breakfast, which will keep them energized throughout the day and avoid the crashes that coffee and other stimulants cause. Many companies will provide discounts to gyms to encourage employees to exercise before or after work. Exercise improves fitness and also releases stress from the body, allowing oxygen to fully flow to the brain.

Mental health is likewise important, as employees must put their personal needs aside when at work. Break rooms allow employees to have a brief change of scenery and recharge themselves, and some companies offer anonymous help lines for immediate support services, such as counseling for depression, divorce, domestic violence, or the death of a loved one. Many of these phone calls lead to anonymous referrals for a local counselor or mental health care provider.

Encouraging health screenings and exams ensures optimal employee wellness for the New Year. Many corporations encourage their employees to take part in breast cancer and diabetes awareness programs in order to become educated about preventable conditions that can be effectively treated when caught early.

Lastly, it is paramount that employees can access all the programs that the employer has created. Well-crafted and executed corporate wellness programs empower employees in reaching their New Year’s health resolutions, and this in turn empowers the corporation.


Orthodontic services are designed to both correct and prevent many types of dental problems. Visiting a San Antonio orthodontist as a child can help a person avoid major issues later in life by anticipating them before they begin or correcting minor problems before they become serious. Consider these benefits of seeing a San Antonio orthodontist during childhood.


Once a child’s first few adult teeth begin coming in between the ages of five and seven years old, a dentist can determine if the teeth are properly aligned; if they are not, the family or pediatric dentist will make a referral for the child to see an orthodontist, who can begin treatments to correct misaligned teeth so that the rest of them come in correctly.


Malocclusions, or bite problems, are another reason that children should see an orthodontist at a young age. With the use of braces, many young people can avoid the worst effects of this condition. Adults with serious malocclusion often have to have teeth pulled or undergo surgery in order to rectify the situation.

Dental Health

Treating dental problems such as poor alignment, malocclusion, and overcrowding can improve overall dental health throughout a person’s entire lifetime. Teeth that are incorrectly spaced make proper dental hygiene more difficult, as well. Orthodontic treatments to realign the teeth make it easier for a child to properly brush and floss, leading to fewer instances of dental decay, tartar, plaque and cavities, which can cause more serious problems during adulthood. With the proper dental care, the work that a child receives can last for many decades.

Appearance and Function

By beginning orthodontic treatments during childhood, the dental professional can achieve results that might not be possible after most of child’s jaw growth had already taken place. Orthodontists can work with a child’s natural face structure and growth pattern over a period of time to reach the best possible results. This means that more room can be made in an overcrowding situation or that the bite can be corrected as the jaw and face expand during the child’s years of growth. Children who begin treatment early will enjoy the benefits of better tooth functionality when speaking and chewing, as well as an improved appearance when talking and smiling.

With early visits to a quality San Antonio orthodontist, children can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Rather than having to fix a problem that could have been avoided, parents can take their children for a consultation and ensure their continued dental health.


Graduates of a chiropractic college diagnose and treat problems associated with the nerves, muscles and bones of the human body, with a focus on the back. Doctors of Chiropractic treat these problems in an effort to alleviate localized pain as well as promote general health. Logan College of Chiropractic and University Programs, located at Chesterfield, MO, provides training for future chiropractors in a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed for education in this field.

Logan offers five degrees, including a Master of Science Degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation and a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and Human Performance. The master’s degree programs provide a high level of training in specialized fields for people intending to pursue those types of careers.

The grounds sprawl across more than 100 acres near St. Louis, Missouri and was recently listed as “One of America’s Prettiest Campuses,” by MSNBC. The school’s location near St. Louis allows students to enjoy the big-city atmosphere with professional sports, theater and concerts, and blends the best of small-town America with the entertainment and cultural opportunities of a major metropolitan center.

The labs, classrooms, buildings, and life of a chiropractic college are only part of the education process. Logan includes professionals with experience in the field of chiropractic who offer a learning experience intended to provide students with the skills necessary for success.

The chiropractic college also stresses a lifetime of service. Doctors of Chiropractic can serve as leaders within their community and graduates of Logan College of Chiropractic/University Programs are prepared to take up important roles in both professional and civic organizations.

A great facility, dedicated staff, and beautiful campus means little if it is out of reach to most students. Logan College of Chiropractic/University Programs is dedicated to keeping costs and tuition as reasonable as possible, enabling graduates to begin their professional work with a minimum of student loan debt.

A chiropractic college can turn a people’s lives around—all that they have to do is find the right one. With a set of great programs, fantastic location, dedicated staff, and reasonable tuition, Logan can provide students with the education that they need to do well in their field and in life.